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College of Liberal Arts
With your generosity, we will educate the next generation of scholars!

The UTRGV College of Liberal Arts embraces the notion that the great strengths of our traditional academic disciplines in the humanities and social sciences must be harnessed and organized for the benefit of our students. Our students enjoy the advantages of a solid liberal arts education, meet the challenges and opportunities embodied in UTRGV's guiding principles, and are prepared to serve the needs of the Rio Grande Valley and beyond. 

By joining the strengths of the humanities with those of the social sciences, we develop students who better understand the complex nature of the problems and opportunities we face that cannot be approached piecemeal. Instead, they will be able to evaluate issues critically, understand how to utilize bodies of knowledge developed by multiple disciplines, and effectively communicate and implement solutions.


We sincerely thank you for ensuring the College of Liberal Arts will be able to thrive and educate the next generation of scholars from the Rio Grande Valley.

Top Programs by Amount Raised
Check out the programs bringing in the most dollars raised on UTRGV Day of Giving!
Rank Program / Department Raised
1 College of Health Professions $16,265.00
2 College of Fine Arts $13,353.33
3 Athletics $12,596.33
4 College of Liberal Arts $9,815.00
5 Vackar College of Business & Entrepreneurship $9,032.34
Top Programs by Number of Donors
Check out the programs with the most donors on UTRGV Day of Giving!
Rank Program / Department Donors
1 Area of Greatest Need 66
2 Vackar College of Business & Entrepreneurship 51
3 Athletics 46
4 School of Nursing 38
5 College of Education & P-16 Integration 32
Rank State Gifts
1 TX 14
2 NC 1
2 IL 1
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